Friday, September 9, 2011

Who is Clay Trobridge??

Sweet Cherub #4 has announced that he wants to be Clay Trobridge for Halloween. Huh?? Who in the world is Clay Trobridge?
I asked #1, 2, and 3 and they quickly informed me that, "Mom, he's a guy from the Lone Ranger!" And they said it with the universal "duh" look on their face.

Then I got it. Since moving to Georgia, hubs and I decided we were going to try to not have cable TV. We have never gone without cable TV in our 13 years of marriage. In fact, in our poor years, we would still have cable TV and just go without other things.

So since we have been cable-free for 3 months, the kids have been watching whatever DVD's we have around the house or ones we check out from the library. Lately, they've been watching the Lone Ranger while in the van as we run errands. Evidently we have been running ALOT of errands lately, because they not only know the characters in the episodes, but they now want to BE them for Halloween.

Now I have to watch this Lone Ranger episode to see what Clay Trobridge looks like and what on earth #4 will wear in order to look like him. I also am going to see if I can come up with a quick and easy way of explaining who he is to each and every person who will ask "Who are you for Halloween, little man?" Because we all know that they'll look at me and say exactly what I said, "Who is Clay Trobridge?"

This was #4 for Halloween 2 years ago. He was Tow Mater. That was so much easier to explain...

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