Monday, September 12, 2011

Kids' Art Wall Gallery

Kids' Art Wall Gallery...that's a mouthful. Try saying that 5 times!

So while my one and only daughter, #2, was sick and home from school, she and I tackled the large wall in the entryway. I just wasn't sure what to put here. I thought about framing a large map of the United States and mark on it where we had lived. I thought about framing prints of the states where we have lived and put them there in some fabulous design. But both those options required funds which we were putting into other things at the moment. Things like back to school supplies and clothes for 4 kids, food for 4 kids, and fixing up of the fixer-upper house that we bought 2 months ago.

So as I was surfing around blog-land, I came upon this post at House of Smiths, and it was like the angels in heaven were singing! I was going to create a wall gallery of the kids' art that I already had framed!
In our last few houses, (we're a military family, so we move often) I've hung the kid's art in our kitchen because we've had lots of wall space and the bright colors add alot to the off white wall color that the military provides in their quarters. But here in this house that we bought, the kitchen has virtually zero wall space. So I had all this art with no where to go...until now.

#2 and I gave ourselves a time limit of how much time we could devote to the project so that we could watch a Harry Potter movie before the boys got home off the bus. And we knocked it out in exactly one hour! We are a pretty good team, if I do say so myself!

I love that #2!
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