Friday, September 9, 2011

I know I'm cheap.

I know I'm cheap.

I have a huge bin of cleats of various sizes. Each time the kids want to sign up for a sport: soccer, baseball, football; I have them go to the big bin and search for a pair that's close to their foot size.

Let me point out here, that I never played sports as a kid. Ever. Not one season of soccer, softball, nothing.

Back to my story, so as the 3 boys are preparing for soccer practice last night, the boys I notice that #3 is wearing baseball cleats instead of soccer cleats. At this point I'm still not sure why that's a big deal, until #1 shows me that in baseball cleats there is a tip pokey thing. Technical term.

What's a cheap mom to do 5 minutes before practice??

That's right. Get out a steak knife and saw that puppy right off the tip. Ha! Got it done!


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  1. Love it! That is EXACTLY what I would have done!