Sunday, September 11, 2011

How the "Tween" got its name~~

I always thought it was a kitschy word used to describe the years that are between childhood and teen-dom.

But today it dawned on me, that in my house, a tween is an offspring caught in the middle between being a needler and being a helper.
They go back in forth between the one giving wedgies to the younger sibs, to being the one who tries so hard to get the younger sibs to hurry and get their shoes on so mom doesn't get mad, or reminding them to wash their hands after the toilet.
Being a tween in this house is a very difficult position to be in. I wouldn't want to be them. Hopefully I can help all of us with this transition because I see some pretty awesome stuff on the horizon. I'd just like all of us to get there in one piece. :)
I love these tweens.

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