Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Birthday #11 for #2

Every family have their own special ways to celebrate birthdays.  In our house, the "birthday fairy" comes in the middle of the night and decorates the birthday child's room. Then the birthday child gets to pick their breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, have their siblings do their chores and then the days winds down with 1 or 2 gifts.

Last week was #2's 11th birthday. She asked 3 or 4 times if the birthday fairy was going to come visit her room. That meant the pressure was on. But of course Dad was in the field, so it was me and the 4 young-uns and I didn't have time to go to the store, alone, to buy balloons and streamers like I usually do.
So I, the birthday fairy, threw together a birthday banner to hang in her room directly across from her bed, so that when she sat up in the morning, it would be the first thing she saw. :)
I used scrap scrapbooking paper, leftover letter stickers, and ribbon. It took just a few minutes, but made a great first impression on a great 11 year old young lady!!

She loved it!!!

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