Thursday, September 8, 2011

Healthy kids? Yes, please!

So for the last two weeks, my one and only girl, #2, has been sick. First we thought it was strep, so she was treated with amoxicillin. Then we found out that, nope, it was mono. Problem was that if you treat mono with amoxicillin, bad things happen. Horrible, body covering, itchy purply red rash happens.
But thankfully, after some corticosteroids and anti-itching meds, she is back at school again.

Now, it's #4 with conjunctivitis. And not the bacterial kind that you can treat w/ antibacterial drops for 24 hours and send back to school. No sir-ee. It's the viral kind that you can't send back to school until it clears up...however long that might be.

Don't get me wrong. I love my sweet children and even love having them home with me when they are sick. (It's the only time I get them one on one!) However. I am growing weary of going to the doctor every day and having to miss work.**I've got to get paid! Did I mention we bought a house that needs some serious fixer-upping!***

Well, I am going to go wake up precious cherubs #3 and #4...and I am hoping and praying that #4's viral conjuntivitis has cleared up! If not, at least I know we have another day of coloring, watching Star Wars and snuggling on the couch. :)

Hope you all stay healthy and happy!

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