Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ooh look! Something Shiny!!

So sometimes I purposefully distract my kids with the, "oh look! there's something shiny over there!" approach. 

Probably the best example was when the kids and I (of course hub wasn't there, all the good stuff happens when he's gone) were in the van driving on I70 from Fort Riley, KS to Topeka, KS. We were driving along and #1 asks when my anniversary was. I answered, "next week, June 28th". He asks, "so how long have you and dad been married?" I answered, "Well, honey, next week it will be 8 years." 
He looks out the window for a minute thoughtfully, then turns back to me and gasps, "Wait. I turn 8 on my birthday. You mean you were pregnant with me when you got married!!!" 

<<<Now let's stop for just a sec. He was only 7. His birthday is in November. The kind of math skills required for him to be able to figure that out was not what I was expecting at 7 for crying out loud! I was hoping to delay this conversation for at least 4 or 5 more years! >>>

Back to the story. Where was I? Oh yes, the gasp, "Wait. You mean you were pregnant with me when you got married??" 
To this I replied, "Yes. <pause> Who wants to stop for  ice cream??"

Like I said---oh look! Something shiny!


Hey look, it's me------------------------------------------------------>

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  1. You are too funny!!!! The kiddos can always surprise you can't they!!!