Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Babysitting: the good, the bad, the money!

On military bases, when kids turn 12 and take the red cross babysitting course, they can babysit (certain restrictions do apply). So when #1 turned 12, we let him begin taking some responsibility with his younger sibs. 

But of course he wanted to be PAID! So here's what we worked out:
*he makes $2 per hour baseline (yep, I'm aware how cheap that is...  :)
*if he does certain add on niceties (like play catch nicely, color with them, etc), he can make more $
*if I ask the younger sibs how he did as the babysitter and they said he wasn't great, he gets $0
*if the younger sibs call me while he's babysitting and ask us to rescue them...he pays us!!

So far, so good!!

*I had to capture this moment. This is #1 being the helper side of the tween instead of the needler. The needling took place 2.2 seconds after the photo was taken...

I love these kids!


  1. That is the best picture! So sweet. I would save it and show it to them whenever they aren't getting along! ;)
    Do you mind if I add your blog to my sidebar??

  2. Don't mind at all. :) Hope Chappy is healing well!