Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Nemesis....the bench

This is my nemesis. 

I bought this bench 1994. It  has been in every one of my homes since then...
which would be 11, so far.
Each time yard sale season comes around, I try to put it out for sale, but hubs brings it back in. He says that since I've had it this long, I really should just continue to hold onto it. (For some reason the show Hoarders comes to mind...)
The color of the wood is wonderful, very rustic, and I love it. It's the heart that I dislike---a lot.
Gag. What I mean is, it's just not my style.
I thought about cutting straight across right under the heart, 
but it dips below the sides of the bench, so I'd be cutting into the sides. 
This is when my creativity gets stumped. Help.


  1. Not much can last through 11 moves these days! Instead of cutting straight across, could it curve down in the center? Kind mimic the curve on the front? Good luck!

  2. Thanks Leslie, that's a great idea! Now to find a jigsaw...