Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Whittle down the Gift Recipient List...

Yesterday, I brainstormed my list of gift recipients for Christmas. It was a staggering 62 people! The question is, will I actually give a gift to everyone on that list? Am I insane? --as Leslie from cherry bubbins so lovingly put it :)--
Yes, insane. No, I won't actually give to everyone on the list. The Smokin' Pig may make awesome BBQ, but I'll refrain from giving them a gift other than my money every Thursday night for dinner. 

But even if I was to give everyone a gift, if I start early enough and plan ahead, it is totally doable. So that's what I shall do. That way, the last month of insane shopping and Christmas season can be spent on and with family and being thankful for the real meaning of Christmas.

So here we go...

I've begun  making these awesome doorstops~
  These are great as gifts to teachers or adult leaders

Also, I'll be making lots of bean bags!

Last year I gave bags of bean bags along with lists of games and activities, with which to use the bean bags, to #4's preschool teacher and #3's classroom teacher. In Kansas, we discovered that for much of the winter, there is no outside recess and the teachers were in need of some new inside activities to keep the kiddos busy.
**They are also great fabric stash busters and very cheap!** 

I believe those 2 projects will keep me busy for a little while until I figure out what to do with the rest of the people on my list.
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  1. Relieved to hear you trimmed the list a bit. You are aware, aren't you, that you are THAT mom, the one who makes the rest of us look bad, right?

  2. Now just to trim my waistline... :)