Monday, October 3, 2011

Teacher Gift

Last year, about this time, I started making Christmas gifts for all our kids' teachers. Including school teachers, Sunday School teachers, Awana leaders, small group leaders, etc, that added up to 44! I stumbled across this blog with a great tutorial on how to make a fabric block. I added a handle and turned it into a door stop and knew that this was the idea for me!

Once I made a couple, the rest of the 44 were a breeze to whip up. I filled them with a ziploc baggie of rice, and added a cute note saying:
"Ask and you will receive, Seek and you will find, 
Knock and the door will be opened. Matthew 7:7
Thank you for being the doorstop that holds that door open for our children!"
Needless to say, I'm making them again this year! And the best part is, we've moved this year, so it's  a new gift! No one will get the same gift two years in a row! Yay for moving! :) There's always a silver lining to every cloud!
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  1. Well done you! 44 of them? To give away? Again, well done you! lol