Tuesday, October 4, 2011

List of Gift Recipients for the Holidays. Oh. My. Word. Someone stop me!

So after my last post, it dawned on me that there really isn't that much time before Christmas and the season of giving. So it's time to brainstorm. First, a brainstorm list of all the people in our family's lives to whom I would LIKE to give a token of appreciation:
School teachers:
#1 has 6 teachers
#2 has 6 teachers--none of which overlap with #1's
#3 has 1 classroom teacher, 1 music teacher, 1 piano lab teacher, 1 art teacher, 1 p.e. teacher
#4 has 1 classroom teacher, 1 classroom t.a., 1 music teacher, 1 art teacher, 1 p.e. teacher and shares a bus driver with #3
Sports Coaches:
#1 has a soccer coach, and a soccer team manager
#2 has nothing! Yay for mono!
#3 has 1 soccer coach
#4 has 1 soccer coach
Sunday School, Small Group Leaders:
#1 has 2 small group leaders
#2 has 2 small group leaders
#3 has 2 small group leaders
#4 has 2 small group leaders
My school:
vice principal
9 classroom teachers
office worker
My Volunteering:
3 media center workers at the middle school
Yard Waste Collectors---you have no idea how much they have worked this year just because of us!
8 Neighbors-
The workers at The Smokin' Pig BBQ Restaurant--because they provide yummy smoked pig for us every Thursday night between soccer games! ---ok, they don't "provide" it, but they do make it and we buy it!
All in all that is........62 people. Oh My Word.
Next Post---ideas for all (okay not all) these people!


  1. Holy cow - you are either a saint or insane! that is a LOT of presents to whip up between now and Christmas.