Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Wienermobile

If I could go back 50-60 years, I think I would ask Mr. Oscar Mayer (or whoever began the company) to please reconsider naming his hot dog creation-- the wiener. And more pointedly, not having a contraption called the wienermobile. 
The Wienermobile, the one and only by the way, came by the Richmond Hill Kroger this week. Of course the kids wanted to go see it.
This begun an entire day of wiener jokes. "Can I touch your wiener?" was probably the most embarrassing, as it was asked of the Oscar Mayer representative who was standing by the wienermobile giving out stickers and coupons.

But seriously. If you're going to have a food called a wiener, drive a mini-coop shaped like a wiener, give out stickers that say something about seeing the you really need to also give out silly bands shaped like a wienermobile and whistles shaped like a wienermobile??
Bright side: lots of laughter, smiles, jokes and family fun--albeit not the cleanest of fun!

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